Do you use organic ingredients? Up to 90% of the ingredients used are organic and fair trade. 

Are your products vegan friendly and cruelty free? Majority of our products are vegan friendly besides Beet this Honey Cleanser and Lip Saver. We only test our products on humans to get genuine feedbacks. 

Are the products 100% synthetic free? Yes. Because there is no water in the formulation, we are able to keep the products free of synthetic ingredients and no nasties!

Why is there no water used in the formulation of the products? We WANT you to be getting 100% pure and natural products. Not using water also reduces the carbon footprint especially since the water component is being introduced during your cleansing ritual. 

What kind of packaging do the products come in? All our products come in glass bottles. For the lip saver and travel size products, it is made with PET plastics. 

How long does each product last? They have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months from date of use. Store them away from direct sunlight and in cool areas. To ensure the product stays in their optimal state, we made sure there is no dipping of your fingers into the product during usage. 

How is WANT sustainable? 

  • Recently switched from PET plastic bottles to glass bottles.
  • Use minimal packaging for orders. Eliminated individual product boxes to reduce consumption and waste. Reusing packing materials like bubble wraps and boxes.
  • Thank You note is printed on basil seed paper that you can easily plant.
  • Ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

How does WANT give back to communities? Most of the ingredients used sourced directly from farms and are fair trade, meaning fair wages are given to the farmers for their hard labour. WANT also contribute to BaliWISE, a foundation in Bali that educates marginalised women in Indonesia. We sponsor a student each semester.