Why WANT contributes to Bali WISE

Many asked, "How did you choose the foundation?".


Last weekend, I was in Bali to attend a wedding and without fail, a visit to Bali WISE because the place means more than its cause. 

2014, a very dear friend passed. She was a go getter and genuinely cared about people. That very year, we celebrated her life by organising an art charity event and choosing to donate to Bali WISE was easy as she was all about empowerment. 

Bali WISE  

2016, WANT was conceptionalised and knew I have to continue to contribute to them because I truly believe that women are society's pillars.

Bali WISE - Fena Evans

Bali WISE is a foundation that provides education to marginalised women between 18 - 24 years old in Indonesia to help break their poverty cycle. For 6 months, they reside at the foundation where they learn English, IT and hospitality skills. 


The girls are also given a monthly allowance as compensation for the incomes loss to study to support their families . All girls are vetted through several rounds of interviews to ensure that they do want better for themselves. The foundation also aid with job placement for the girls with existing and new partners.

Bali WISE - Sponsoring Arisca
Born in Klungkung and raised in Gianyar, Arisca is the eldest of 3. Her father works as a freelance driver and makes about SGD200 a month. Her mother unfortunately has heart disease and requires monthly medical treatments. With only a high school education and no money for further education, she took on the opportunity when she learnt about Bali WISE through alumnae. In hopes of making more money to support the family, Arisca would like to have a career in the hospitality industry.
WANT is sponsoring her for the semester and I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart.  
XOXO Winona