Facial Massage

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese women look so youthful? The secret, facial massage. It can fade lines, tighten skin, and make you look radiant. The anti-aging trick that is right at your finger tips.

All you need are a few drops of oil, your hands and 5 minutes daily.

Your face and hands should be thoroughly clean before you begin. A good facial massage should be done using gentle-to-medium pressure and should be smooth and fluid. Your fingers and hands should never be pulling the skin. 

How To Do A Facial Massage

- Place 3 drops of The Face Oil into your hands and warm between your palms.

- Smooth the oil over your face from the nose, up between the eyebrows and out around the sides of the face. Use a steady amount of pressure to ease the tension in your brow and around your temples. 

- Massage with your index and middle fingers in small circular motions across your forehead and temples. 

- Continue the massage downwards the face. Using upward stroking motion, massage from the nose to ears and eventually to the chin and along your jawline.  

- Using four fingers, move upwards along your neck up to your chin. 

Do this daily and compliments will be rolling in for that natural glow!


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